Greetings! New Member: TheHapki from Turkey

My name is Yusuf and I am studying Japanese Language. I met with the memory palace technique thanks to the series of Sherlock Holmes. I am actually almost new in this technique and might have lots of question (I’ve tried this technique before superficially) I now live in Turkey and my main goal is to learn language but I am also interested in body language. So I also wanna combine this technique with body language infos. And other stuffs like countries, flags, names, numbers, etc.

I started to make up stories (I like to make up stories) with the vocabulary lists and every list contains 25 vocabs which means those stories have 25 layers each. I’ll see when I’ll have lots of stories in my mind. I maybe create a real location to put every story in it. Do not know yet ahaha

I really wanna be able to increase my memory, imagination and visual imaginary and that technique the art of memory will be really helpful I believe.

That is all for now and I hope we’ll get well. Have a nice new year everybody. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:


Thank you Josh :slight_smile:


Welcome to the site. It’s good to see my fellow countrymen.


It’s good to see you too ^^


I wish your memory the best TheHapki!

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Thanks Carl. I wish the same to you too :slight_smile: