Greetings from India

I’m a 31 year old man from India. I got in to memory sports after reading Joshua Foer, then proceeding with Yates, Obrien, etc, and really impressed with AR Luria (his book about Solomon Shereshvsky).

I joined this site to learn more about the art of memory. I need to accelerate my memorizing when I’ve to memorize a deck of cards. I often take 5 minutes now to finish a deck and I use the loci method.

Hope I’ll learn something :slight_smile:

This is a great site and I’m happy to be here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much…


hiiii i am also from India.just came to know about these techniques.hope to learn a lot from the forum


What the heck lol.

Seriously I read 100s or may be more topics there people said they come in this field by foer.

Sorry to sad, I guess I am one the exception that didn’t come by joshua foer.

Actually I was searching mathematical calculation problem and mistakenly found this forum hahaah.


Glad to meet you friend. Actually reading Foer had taken me to Solomon Shereshvsky, another great mnemonist. Reading was the gateway.
Nice to meet you.


Me too from joshua foer lol


I think reading is a must for practicing the art of Mnemonics. I first read about the technique from Foer himself, then read the books of Dominic O’Brien, Ramon Campayo, Frances Yates, A R Luria, Harry lorayne and Jerry Lucas, Christiane Stenger, Scott Hagwood etc. Initially it was really tough. I started by memorizing the world memory champions, then progressed to cricket score cards, poems etc.
Nice to see many people coming from India and other parts of the world. Memory sports should reach more people.
Good luck to you.

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Even I came from Foer, lol

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