GPT 3 creates better mnemonics than humans

I Have noticed after using GPT-3 that it creates better Mnemonics than us humans alone,


Input: "2 pi R Squared"
Mnemonic of the input: ""

“2 pi” unit specified circumference of the circle.

“R” variable radius, “squared” the metric for calculating .

Input: “2 pi R Squared”
Mnemonic of the input: “Calculate (2* pi* R^2) for a circle with r = 2 pi”

Input: “x^4”

Mnemonic of the input: “x^4 is unrelated and is not addition”

Input: "4 pi R"
Mnemonic of the input: ""

The four radius equals the circumference of the radius

4 pi R

Input: “1.4pi”
Mnemonic of the input: “”

Input: “2pi”
Mnemonic of the input: “Circumference: 2 pi”


Input: “As time goes on newer, better techniques appear, or the older ones get sharper.
What do you think we should expect from a new Charles Darwin of memory?
What would revolutionize this art?
Maybe a new system for storing information or a better PAO-like system?
And also what is the newest method that you are aware of that’s already doing this?”
Mnemonic: “I have no perfect new memory system but may actually have a new one due out soon as well as new PAO systems under development.”.


What do you mean by GPT-3?
Is it Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT -3 )?
Can you cite a reference to GPT-3?


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Yes, I mean Generative Pretrained Transformer and I have access to GPT 3 and these examples were generated from Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 a few hours ago,

I recieved an email from Open AI today giving me access to GPT-3,

And,I can also share the screenshot of the GPT-3 email if you want,


Have a Nice Day.


I am thinking of running examples shared by The Art of Memory Community and sharing their results with them when ever I can without any payment,


Do you have any examples which you want me to run?,


Have a Grand Day.

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Recruiting AI in mnemonic is definitely a great step! I like this idea.
However, it’s also true that without immersive training input, the machine
is purely a bot that does instructions only.
It would be great if some day I see a deep learning machine creates mnemonics
for me. Instead of thinking a long time for a specific notation / image for studying materials. :+1:


Well, it’s pretty nice idea.

However I like to create mnemonics myself.
I remember my own mnemonics more accurately. Rather than someone who create the mnemonic in their own way.

But Sometimes my friends created better mnemonics than me. (So I like to memorized some of the mnemonics that my friends created and they pretty good than my own mnemonics.)


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I hope that one day such technology will be used to generate Mnemonics for every question and answer or answer in schools, as it will make the memorization process mush easier and fun due to the mass production of mnemonics along with the words answering the questions Who, What, Which, Were and How highlighted in bold in textbooks, allowing everybody to speed read(and read faster) and this can also work with voice recognition and text scanning by camera,


Have a Great Day.