Got Buzans book, but i abhor using a guide, any tips?

I found a copy of the Speed reading book by Tony Buzan at a second hand a few days ago (mint condition!) and have been reading through it to reignite my reading passion. So far so good, started out at around 511-600wpm with three fixations on each line (which is how I normally read) and easing myself up to two fixtures.
But then we get to guided reading, and i dont know why, but i hate it. I fel like so much of my attention is spent on focusing on where my chopping stick shall move, and I have no memory of ever using my finger when learning to read. Sure, I’ve gotten up to ca 700wpm with it, but then my comprehension was non-existent. My goal is to get to 800wpm without a big loss in comprehension, is that possible?
To any speed-readers here, do you use a guide when reading normally? Or is it and the guided techniques like training wheels for speed and eye movement.?