Good app to keep track of memorization times?

I have learnt to memorize a deck of cards and decks of red/black cards (binaries). The binaries are pretty fast now, but the cards themselves are still slow. I wanted to practice daily and keep track of my progress by measuring how fast I do the memorizing part and how fast I do the recall part.

I measured the time with stopwatch, clicking “lap” between memorization and recall and then “stop”. I get two times.

I am looking for an app that would store each of my attempts with date and could show graph with days at the X-axis and times at Y-axis and that would show my best times yet.

I would like to be able to do measurements for different activities (remembering random digits, deck of cards, etc.).

I believe there must be something for this - just measuring times and keeping track of history of measurements to show on graph - but I find it difficult to find something. Do you guys know of anything?


Would a spreadsheet work? If you have “start time” and “stop time” columns you could calculate the difference for each row. Then generate a chart and have a cell that displays the highest value from the score column.

Sure, of course. That would not be hard at all. What I maybe did not communicate properly was, that I am looking for something convenient. I know from experience, that if I would have to open up a sheet and type by hand the times I measured each time I would do it, I would not continue doing this for more than a couple of weeks. Convenience and ease of use are key to develop consistency and thus routine.

As for now, I decided to use an app called Sprint Stopwatch. It is far from perfect, but by experimenting with it I realized, that if I wanted something really good, it would probably have to be an app dedicated for such purposes.

If anyone would want to know how I use the app.

1: I created two athletes called Memorize and Recall.
2: I created various race types: B/R deck, Full deck, 100 digits, etc.
3: I measure memorization and recall separately and save them under respective ahtletes and race types.

App can show the bests and a graph with times. It will not combine different athletes into a graph and there are other inconveniences but it is closest to what I wanted.

for computers is memoriad (free) for telephones memory ladder (free too) and for both u have but memory leauge wanna ur money ;c

aaa end for know ur all reuslts and date i reccomend u just do screnshots