"Golden Ratio Observed In Human Skulls"

“Golden Ratio Observed In Human Skulls”

In a new study investigating whether skull shape follows the Golden Ratio (1.618 … ), Johns Hopkins researchers compared 100 human skulls to 70 skulls from six other animals, and found that the human skull dimensions followed the Golden Ratio. The skulls of less related species such as dogs, two kinds of monkeys, rabbits, lions and tigers, however, diverged from this ratio.

“The other mammals we surveyed actually have unique ratios that approach the Golden Ratio with increased species sophistication,” says Rafael Tamargo, M.D., professor of neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “We believe that this finding may have important anthropological and evolutionary implications.”

Link: https://neurosciencenews.com/golden-ratio-human-skull-15034/

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I’m a bit skeptical about all the Golden Ratio hype. I’m skeptical about everything :). If one casts around, I’d bet one could find an organ or bone with dimension whose ratios match the GR or some arbitrarily chosen number such as 1.234. I see this as looking at a cloud and seeing a camel.

Nor was there any discussion of variance. Perhaps some brains measure ratios of 2, others of 1 but the average was 1.6.

The Fibonacci seq. is a useful model for generational population growth. The factors that give rise to this sequence and its limiting ratio can be found in both and it’s no great mystery to find it in nature when it does occur.

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