GOAT of Memory Sport

In your opinion, who is the GOAT of memory sport?


This might be a fun topic to be discussed.


This is tough and I have limited time in the memory world but I think for overall impact I would go with Simon Reinhard, but for being a competitor I think Andrea… my knowledge is pretty much limited to ML though. Im sure there are many strong players who I never heard of.


Ryu Song 1 . It is undisputable


Alex Mullen, has the potential of being the ‘greatest of all time’ due to young age. He is also the last undisputed World Champion , before the split.

But I would also say that Simon Reinhard and Johannes Mallow come close to the top, despite both being close to 40 yo now. If we exclude the card events, maybe they could beat Alex as well.

Simon is probably the best ever competitor who has not be crowned a World Champion yet. (something like the Charles Barkley, John Stockton or Karl Malone of memory sports)

As for the other names mentioned, let me see them winning multiple undisputed championships, before any conclusions.

As for the multiple titles of Mr. O’Brien, it is a fact that competitions in the 1990s where nowhere near as competitive (record-wise), comparing to the recent competitions in the 2010s.