Goals for 2017 + June Journal

… following a bad dream where I had lost all my ability to remember things in the context of competition, let’s set some goals for the end of the year!

Spoken Numbers (1 second) … 220 digits (current best: 50 digits)
Historic/Future Dates (5 min) … 110 dates (current best: 87 89 dates)
Speed Numbers (5 min) … 450 digits (current best:351 369 digits)
Speed Cards (5 min) … 29 seconds (current best: 39.94 36.06 35.94)
Concrete Images (5min) … 260 images (current best: 238 images)
Names & Faces (15 min) … 130 names (current best: 83 90 97 109 names)
Random Words (15 min) … 200 words (current best: 93 154 words)
Binary Digits (30 min) … 3000 digits (current best: 1548 2274 digits)
Cards (30 min) … 12 decks (current best: 4 decks … in 10 minutes 10 decks)
Numbers (30 min) … 1300 digits (current best: 532 digits … in 15 minutes 1146 digits)

That would bring me to over 7000 points (International format), which is almost twice as many as what I got at the french championships, but I’m closing in on 6000 points in the National format right now, so why not?! :slight_smile:

Setting goals, moving toward them … PB of 369 digits in 5 minutes today!

Have been reviewing my cards system a lot recently. Took a day off from memorizing yesterday and got a PB of 36.06s today. Coincidence? Luck? Perhaps, I hope not :slight_smile:

First time doing 15-minute words since the swedish championships last year. Got a good PB of 154 words. I didn’t double-check the memocamp scoring properly though, but there was one singular/plural mistake, so it’s worth double-checking this in the review. I believe that the championship words are slightly easier than the memocamp ones. We’ll see about that at the next championships. Stuck around the 40-second mark on cards. More drilling required.

A couple more PBs in the evening: 53 names in 5 minutes (+4) and 89 dates (+2).

90 names in 15 minutes and almost got 399 digits in 5 minutes. I had started the event, got interrupted after about 15 loci, decided to do some names and then restart with Numbers in the same palace. I ended up using one of the images from the first run (six digits) in the recall + one typo … but otherwise no gaps, evaluation of 339. Also got a 38.53s on Cards, no PB, but solid for me … for now!

First time doing 30-minute Cards since september last year for the swedish championships. I tried to not rush it too much and did a review. The goal was to get 10 decks and I got them all :slight_smile: New PB of 520 cards, smashing my previous of 209 (from when I was still using PAO).

PB in cards with a 35.94s followed by a very decent 39.26s. Spent just a little extra time to make sure that I check the suit of the second cards during my grabbing of the final 3-4 pairs. I’ve noticed that in many cases I don’t really need to visualize the objects at all but that subvocalizing them is enough to build some kind of story/feeling which can be retrieved a minute or so later. Even better, in some cases I summon the original image and can’t immediately come up with its shadow … but I’m still able to remember that it was a shadow during the recall. For example if I need to think of Bart Simpson’s shadow, which is Lisa Simpson, remembering “Bart’s shadow” instead of “Lisa” seems to work just fine … provided that this doesn’t happen too often in one single deck.

PB for 30-minute binaries with 2274 digits. Not really happy about this one. I had about 20 minutes left for the final review during the recall, but couldn’t be bothered as all images felt good enough. I ended up with typos in four places costing me 105 digits. Also I don’t know if my current strategy is good enough. Memorized 1800 digits and went for a full review and only then did I go on with the rest. The 600 next digits I only looked at once. I’m thinking of trying to go for maybe 3500 digits, with no review at all. Next time.

97 names in 15 minutes, improvement of 7 since last time :slight_smile:

Another close one on speed numbers: 396 out of 402 for an evaluation of 322 digits. Mixed-up two types of trains and couldn’t find one image due to the fact that I hadn’t linked it to the second image, only to the locus.

Another PB down, very much expected: 1146 digits in 30 minutes. I’ve never done this event since starting my 3-digit system. No big doubts there, memorized the first 1000 digits, went for a review and had about 8 minutes left to do some more. Recall quite confortable :slight_smile:

A good day so far ! Big PB in 5-minute binaries with 801 digits (+ 150 !!!), as smooth as it gets. I hadn’t used that particular palace in a few days, that could explain that.

Another smooth Speed Cards attempt, landing on 37.39s, a few gaps, but easy to fill.

And another PB in 15-minute Names & Faces with 109 (+ 12 !!).

For cards, are you using the Ben System now?

Hi! I’m using something similar to the system used by Johannes Mallow, Lance Tschirhart and Alex Mullen. See the description of it there: https://artofmemory.com/forums/two-card-system-with-shadows-and-variable-linking-strategy