"Goals and Rewards Redraw the Brain’s Map of the World"

I’m not sure if this has any practical application for creating mnemonic images, but it might interest people.

The findings that Giocomo and her colleagues have now reported in Science point to exactly that conclusion: Having a goal seems to affect how the brain encodes its spatial environment, and possibly much more.

It’s been a misunderstanding to think that the brain has a representation of space that is “pure” and uncontaminated by considerations of relevance or reward, he added. “These things are really intimately tied together” and can’t be so neatly divorced.

That also implies that how we form memories — and which memories we form — depends on what we’re trying to do. Not all memories, locations and experiences are created equal (or at least they’re not encoded that way).

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Ours senses are surprisingly bad, There is a blind spot in the middle of your vision, your peripheral doesn’t see much of anything, If you are capable of flipping your tongue upside down and the rub the bottom you will realize your brain doesn’t recognize it as the top. It is remarkable how much we do not observe but think that we do. It’s a shame we aren’t smarter and our senses aren’t be more reliable. As monkeys go we are pretty remarkable but it would certainly be cool if our retention and integration were better and our sensors go an upgrade. In my youth I assumed we would go further down the transhumanist agenda but “eugenics” seems to have made that a swear word. Smarter, healthier, long lived people better educated to think, using tools like general AI through some form of neural link. If we had direct access to information, sensors, and engines gai, math engines, etc it might make up for a lot of our weakness.

I miss reading my old sci-fi books from the 50’s. EEG headsets to play games with and MRI’s for reading thoughts are very coarse but seem to be about as far as we have gotten in the last 70 years. Sticking wires in monkey brains didn’t get very far at all. A better user interface would be awfully nice. Drive wolfram alpha, google, and soon a proper ai directly electrically would be a skill worth learning.

Neuralink N1