I just switched back to Linux after 2 years on Windows XP. I needed speech-to-text software which didn’t work on Linux, but the Windows XP computer got so buggy that even the speech-to-text software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) didn’t work anymore.

Are there any other Linux users out there?

I’ve been an Ubuntu user for a little more than a year, now, and I love it. I dual boot for compatibility issues, but I almost never use Windows (except for playing Minecraft, and for chatting on Skype – my webcam doesn’t have drivers for Linux, sadly.) I’ve only ever had one crash, and it never bogs down like a Windows machine.

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Been running Linux solid for about 6 years now, started experimenting with it about 13yrs back. Currently running Slackware 13.37. Never looked into any sort of text2spech software though. Did you try looking at Lots of open source projects there or try searching git.

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Thanks… I will take a look. I’m also checking out this page:

Geek GNU/Linux ;)-
Use Archlinux :=) :
Very good …
Using Linux in End of 2007

I want to try Archlinux. I’ve heard good things about it.

Yes good …
You can read Wiki before install :

The Arch Way ! : philosophy

Official Installation Guide

Beginners’ Guide’_Guide

Try: Core Image ISO with all good Libs
and you can download : Dual Architecture ( 64 - 32 ) CPU


You’re welcome when you need anything about it
Regards …

Thanks for the links. I may try that soon. :slight_smile:

I am also a Linux user and Admin, but sadly, never had to look into voice recognition or synthesis software! Sorry!

After having been a unix then linux user for nearly 30 years, I recently switched to MacOSX and I’m a happy man.
I think it has speech to text although I never experimented it…

I fight with Mac OSX all the time at work - still haven’t learnt to like much about it :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is that I am more of a user now than I used to be. I look at MacOSX as some sort of crossover between Windows and Linux, so all in all, you get a system that is less versatile than Linux but more stable than Windows (and above all, without viruses !). Installing new software is for instance much easier under MacOSX than under Linux.

The result is (for me) quite functional.


I just downloaded Linux Mint and Arch Linux. I didn’t like Linux Mint with Cinnamon (GNOME 3 fork), but I just downloaded the version with Mate (GNOME 2 fork) and will try that. I like the ideas behind Arch Linux, but I don’t know how much time it requires to configure it. I will try Arch Linux after I try Mate.

I avoid Apple products and software for philosophical and privacy* reasons, though it looks okay from a user perspective. I’d like to just use GNU/Linux… but I think I will run Windows 7 on a desktop for speech to text, and Linux on my laptops…

(*next versions of OS/X will apparently have Facebook built in, which is worrisome. Windows 8 is probably just as bad, because with the appification of software, they are going to install a lot of ads and tracking. Linux is the only way to avoid these bad trends – at least for now. Ubuntu is taking Linux down a bad path, IMHO.)

A happy Ubuntu user here. Haven’t tried other distributions because Unity is just way too cool. Have been using Ubuntu since 10.04.

What is facebook ?

I started using Ubuntu in about 2005. It was the best OS I’ve ever used and I was a complete supporter. I won’t go into details on how they betrayed their core users with Unity, but maybe I’ll post about it on my other blog later.

The reason I said Ubuntu’s creators are taking Linux down a bad path is that the next version of Ubuntu has spyware. You can turn off the commission-based Amazon ads that are shown on the desktop when you type something, but it’s still spyware, and Mark Shuttleworth seemed to say that this is just the beginning of integrating the desktop with unknown, third-party remote servers. That is why I’m looking for an alternative.

Operating systems that track users and serve ads on the desktop is the next trend. It will be in Windows 8 as well, and any computer where the software get “app-ized”.

An identity company that is compiling a database of every person in the world, whether they use Facebook or not, including everything that they do online… :slight_smile:

For the web tracking, put the lines in the attached txt file in your hosts file. I’m not sure what to do about OS integration.

I’m also a GNU/Linux user. I’m not partial to any distro but have been using Ubuntu as my main OS for a while, but will be switching to another soon due to some of the issues Ive been having with it.

CentOS will probably be the one I install since I’ve got a copy on disc laying around.

I haven’t tried CentOS, but have seen it running on servers.

I’m in the middle of downloading and installing this in Virtualbox:

I joined the FSF recently, and the membership information mentioned that they sponsor that distro. I don’t know anything else about it, but thought I would give it a try, since I like their philosophy.

That sounds, and looks like a good distro to me. Maybe I’ll download it and give it a try when I’m back home and not depending on this satellite internet in the middle of no where. I’ve found after using linux for so long, I’m uncomfortable on windows.

Me too… I much prefer Linux. I’m stuck on Windows though, because I need speech-to-text software due to a hand injury. I just got a new desktop computer hoping that I can use speech-to-text in Linux through Virtualbox.