Gnu/linux and other free/open O.S

how many of you guys use a free or open os

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I’ve been using GNU/Linux since about 2004 (with a bit of unpleasant off-time, due to a need for speech-to-text software). It’s amazing, and I highly recommend it for everyone, especially programmers. :slight_smile:

What OS are you using?

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yes gnu/linux and my distro is manjaro i3 because i3 is cool.
btw have you tryed endless os yet it made me cry because it as concept has so much potential but just sucks so hard in there implementation . im sorry but the only thing good about it was the gui on there pdf viewer text book viewer i suggest you try it out it like a giant lession in why sometimes you shouldn’t a hire a good advertising team.

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thanks for post the guides

I haven’t tried those distros yet. I tried i3 a couple of times, and it looks great. I was using xmonad for a long time, but I didn’t have time to set it up again correctly after getting a new laptop.

I’ve been using Arch for a while on a secondary system, and customizing it is quite a lot of fun!

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I’ve been using i3wm for maybe about a year now, and it turned out to be nearly perfect for me. I remapped the keys to be more like xmonad. (alt, h,j,k,l, etc.)