Gifting Subscriptions

Something fun to add to the site would be to being able to gift subscriptions; and also, gifting “ticket to competitions” such as the SLAM Qualifiers.
There have been many Memory May; which is a month where you can earn Free subscription if you are active during that period, 1 month or even 3 months.
So, a natural question would then be to add that option to being able to purchase a subscription for someone. Last that I checked on ML site, it were the 2 options, 3-Months and 12-Months subscription. It would be cool to add 1-Month subscription as well.
Since there is people from all around the world, some might have challenges getting subscriptions ( hence there is some athletes with multiple accounts…This is one way of solving that just saying.)

This would be a fun thing moving forward in the future, maybe the best present you could give someone, or a kid who wants to kickass on this site!


if this function is built, how many people are you willing to support? :laughing:

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Only you :wink: (ง︡’-'︠)ง

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:fire: desiree, I feel your passion, KEEP :arrow_up:!!!

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