Gettysburg address/Memorizing Letters

I am trying to memorize the Gettysburg Address (verbatim) and, with a quick google search I found a version with only the first letter of each word:

F s a s y a o f b f o t c, a n n, c i L, a d t t p t a m a c e. N w a e i a g c w, t w t n, o a n s c a s d, c l e. W a m o a g b-f o t w. W h c t d a p o t f, a a f r p f t w h g t l t t n m l. I i a f a p t w s d t. B, i a l s, w c n d - w c n c - w c n h - t g. T b m, l a d, w s h, h c i, f a o p p t a o d. T w w l n, n l r w w s h, b i c n f w t d h. I i f u t l, r, t b d h t t u w w t w f h h t f s n a. I i r f u t b h d t t g t r b u - t f t h d w t i d t t c f w t g t l f m o d - t w h h r t t d s n h d i v - t t n, u G, s h a n b o f - a t g o t p, b t p, f t p, s n p f t e.
I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight for memorizing this and random (kind of) letters with the method of loci. .

You could use a 1 letter = 1 image system, but that would take quite a lot of images. You could also try to make up on the spot words that have lets say the first and last letter as the ‘real’ or ‘representative’ letters, like this; Fuss, Ass, Yoda…
The reason we can’t do it like the major system, first two or three consonants of the word, is that there are also vowels in this. Or, if really ambitious, you could try to have the first, middle and last letters of the word as the ‘real’ letters(I can’t even think of any examples at the moment.)

Or create 676 images for every 2 letter combination possible.

I think the second option would be optimal.


Are you trying to memorize the speech itself? Why would you want to memorize the letters?

For poetry, I memorize the main words and leave the filer words alone like “the”, “in”, “a” and so on. It cuts down on the images you have to make but you need to get use to it so you know what filler word fits there.

Use the Phonetic Code, only if you want to memorise the first letter of each word.

Each word attached to the letters represents an image for you to use.

Example: "Four score and seven years ago "
Four = F = FOX_TROT= A fox dancing whilst wearing a tux
Score=S=Sierra= (Sounds like Sarah) A girl i once knew called Sarah
And=A=Alpha= (Alpha Wolf) A wear Wolf
Seven=S=Sierra= (Sounds like Sarah) A girl i once knew called Sarah
Years=Y-Yankee= Uncle Sam
(A) Go=G=Golf-=Tiger Woods


I personally Would Have Done It Like This.
Four = Lincoln Holding Up 4 Fingers
Score= A Football Player Cheering Having Just Scored A Goal
And = A Kid Called Andy I Once Knew
Seven = Someone I Recognise With A Big Boomerang (Shaped Like NO-7)
Years A Go = An Old Greek Elder Waving His Arm As If To Indicate Passage Of Time In Front Of A Group Of Interested Greek Children