getting started with method of loci and a lot of lists

hiya, i’m liz (or aelizzybeth). I’ve been grinding hard with anki for a few months and absolutely loving it. the bulk of my memory work is consumed by actuarial exams, but I also work at some topics that interest me outside of my work. Flashcard review with Anki in conjunction with Incremental Reading with Polar have been real eye-openers, but I still desire to memorize lists (lists aren’t good for those software, at least for starting to memorize a list).

I’ve been interested in, and repeatedly pointed at method of loci/memory palace/etc for lists, and have done a bit of reading about them. Unfortunately it’s hard for me to sift through all the stuff out there because I’ve found most of the material to be heavily geared towards a sales pitch, and less geared toward a general “how to do this” kinda thing. I’ve done a basic journey on my own and it went fine.

I’m very interested in figuring out how to organize memory palaces. I am familiar enough with the technique to jump in, but some larger points are concerning to me, given that I currently have about 70 lists I’d like to memorize in the next month or two, and that number of lists may grow up to 400% as I continue churning through exam material. The current exam is of a topic that I’d especially like to develop intimate knowledge of/rapid access to, and retain for life (principles of data visualization, predictive modeling in casualty insurance) as they are highly relevant to my career path, and personal interests. These lists range from 2 to 15 elements, with more than 90% being less than 6 elements.

I don’t currently have a method of loci system in place, but have practiced it before, and have drawn a number of maps of places I’m familiar with. I’ve also printed out about 40 of the pending lists so I can start organizing them better by subject and write linking ideas for imagery.

I’m worried that if, say, I wish to recall the elements of the list titled “par() global parameters in R that affect all plots”, I will forget /where/ I put it!

I’ve considered just making flash cards for my list titles and corresponding locations, but imagine there may be a better way. Is there?

Is it bad to string multiple lists together, if they are related? I imagine this could help some. i.e. say I organize all lists that have to do with underwriting, then make a childhood friends house be the underwriting palace, with this area representing “considerations for modeling” and that area representing “checklist for reviewing an underwriting application” and so on, with a linked-image clue at the entrance to each area.


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