German Learning

So I was thinking about learning german from the scratch!
I have read Tony Buzan thing that says that “if you memorize the basic 100 words you can start talk and then get fluent.”
I was searching also for a vocabulary and grammar book but I dont have someone to suggest me something so i searched and I found those:
So I am asking you for any suggestions and also If you have made a list of basic words or If you know where to find it please link it!!

Sincerely, HS!

Duolingo, an app for your phone, is free and wonderful. Also, Anki, which you can run on your PC or your smartphone, is a free flash card app that will help you immensely when learning foreign vocabulary. Also, if you get onto Memocamp, which is a subscription service but wonderful, they have an activity called vocabulary where you can practice learning nonsense words, which will greatly enhance your imaging and encoding skills.

Thank you very much Sir!