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Hi Everyone.
I’m Ge (nickname) from the Philippines. I graduated last year with Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science and passed the licensure exam just recently. I am currently studying medicine in Cebu Institute of Medicine as a first year student.

I learned about memory techniques back then during my pre-medical years. Tried it for the very first time for Microbiology. We had to memorize a list of 19 enteric bacterias and their positive and negative results to 14 biochemical reactions. From then on I used memory palace for tables and topics that are branched. Back then I only used real locis and friends interacting with the loci to memorize. It was not only until my review for the board exam where I discovered that I could create loci’s and journeys and connect them to one another. I gathered some of my loci’s from landscapes on deviant art and some are from the video games that I played. I was to able memorize compiled notes into huge villages that contained houses where I placed my locis inside. This however took so much time. I took me almost a day to complete a chapter.

My biggest challenge currently is the efficiency when it comes to making my palaces as it really takes up time.

The goal that I want to achieve currently being in medical school is applying memory palace to all of my learnings. I have no problems on visualisation because of my hobbies on graphic design, video editing and photography. Back then we didn’t really read reference books as we had compiled notes in bullet form which was easing to create a palace with. Now in Medicine we have to use books. There are also compiled notes but are incomplete with regards to the information they have. Another problem that I’m facing currently is that should I make a huge base loci for the whole 3 years of medicine that branches out to each year and fill it out as I go or start with just my current year or even my current

I haven’t started my locis for medicine yet. I need help on how to go about my locis.
Here is the arrangement of the curriculum in our Medschool

1st Bimonthy
Unit 1
-Module 1
- Chapter 1 Harper’s : MEMBRANES: Structure & Function p477 (20 pages)
- Chapter 2 Pawlina’s : CELL CYTOPLASM p23 (49pgs)
- Chapter 3 CELL NUCLEUS p74 (21pgs)
- etc.
-Module 2
- C3 Amino Acids & Peptides p15 (10)
- C4 Proteins: Determination of Primary Structure p25 (11)
- C5 Proteins: HIgher Order of Structures p36 (11)
- C7 Enzymes: Mechanism of Action p60 (9)
- C8 Enzymes: Kinetics p73 (13)
- C9 Enzymes: Regulation of Activities (14)
- C15 Carbohydrates of Physiological Significance p152 (13)
- C21 LIpids (12)
- C24 Metabolism of Acylglycerols & Sphingolipids (13)
- C45 Free Radicals & Antioxidant Nutrients
- C49 Intracellular Traffic & Sorting of Proteins
-Module 3
-Module 4
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
- unit etc… (depends on the topics covered)

2nd Bimonthly
3rd Bimonthly
4th Bimonthly
YEAR 2 (same as year 1)
YEAR 3 (same as year 2)

Each chapter of the book is distributed to the different modules due to the fact that the learning style in our school is Integrated learning which in learnings in another Subject is connected with the learnings to another subject. Should I arrange the locis per book or per module? I have already read Bateman’s Guide to Memorizing a Book and other similar threads. I would appreciate any input as I am slowing collecting locis both in the real world and landscapes from deviant art. I am planning to arrange my locis and creating a main loci this weekend.

Salamat po!
Thank you!



I would encourage you to search here on the forum for threads about “medical school,” “medicine,” and so on. I think you will discover a wide range of helpful material.

You may also want to watch some of the videos that three-time World Memory Champion—and medical doctor—Alex Mullen has posted on his web site at