Fun and free "CMSA Honorary Memory Challenges" coming up

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing ok. If you happen to have some time and energy, here’s a pretty cool memorization challenge that you might be interested in. It works sort of like a regular memory competition, but with a different format and much less pressure.
All details:

  • Location: Anywhere you happen to be in the Universe
  • Date: Any time from now until Oct. 28 for Round 1. Anytime from Jan. 5 until Feb. 1st for Round 2.
  • Cost: Nothing
  • Rewards: Nothing (except eternal admiration by all current and future generations)
  • Skills requirement: You need to be the legitimate owner of a human brain.

All the disciplines for Round 1 are now ready and easily accessible on the website.

And here all the answers to all the questions you might have:

Question: How will it work?
Answer: Details in the link above. We’ve tried to make it extremely easy to participate even if you’re still new to memory techniques, stuck in Antarctica and/or you’re dealing with a busy schedule.

Question: How much of a time commitment should I expect?
Answer: Can be a lot if you want to train seriously for everything and try to improve as much as possible in between the 2 rounds. Can be very little if you only want to take part in either Round 1 or Round 2, skip some of the challenges and not worry too much about your scores.

Question: What if I’m not good enough or not well prepared enough?
Answer: Some forms of brain damage are possible, but rest assured that it doesn’t happen very often. More seriously, in theory we all know that we shouldn’t care too much about that, but in real life the sentiment expressed in the question happens to be extremely common. We can’t magically make it disappear, but we can at least remind everyone that they should see this as a game and that taking on this kind of challenge by itself is an excellent way to improve their skills. We’ve done our best to try to design a format that works well for people of all skill levels, including experts and complete beginners. For the first 4 disciplines, a very basic understanding of memory techniques is all you need. And if you don’t yet have that basic understanding, you can simply use some of the instructional resources on this website or on ours. It’s also possible to choose to skip any discipline that for some reason you’re not interested in. And if you’re still worried about how you might look compared to all the other experts, you can choose to use a pseudonym instead of your real name. Or simply not send us your results.

Question: Isn’t the whole thing just like practicing by myself?
Answer: Not quite. If you pretend that it’s a real competition, it will feel real. Also the overall format isn’t quite the same than what you might have seen elsewhere before. And you’ll get try out a unique event that we call “the Exam”.

Question: What if I’m used to the classic international format and I would rather not have to adapt to something new?
Answer: For most disciplines, if you want to you can choose to use the classic international format on the IAM training website or on instead. Only a few adjustments will still have to be made regarding some time constraints and the way you count your scores. You can also choose to skip our weird exam if you want to.

Question: How will you know that people didn’t cheat?
Answer: We won’t. It’s an honorary and unofficial challenge and there are no titles or rewards at stake. If we have very good reasons to think some results aren’t legit, we might refuse to publish them or add a small cautionary note next to their scores. Somehow we don’t think that this will be necessary.

Question: Will taking part in a CMSA Honorary Challenge solve all of the problems in my life?
Answer: Yes. Probably.


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