From Inactive to Active Journaling ( 3)

So, having a #52 Day Streak of everyday Memory Training, a few things gained from that experience, outside of the great comback.

So, never before did I reach the 30 Names Milestone. It was there for a long time as something I wanted to achieve. And, luckly it was reached just one the 30th of April. What a coincidence! Regardless something I am very fond of, and now it feels that I am at that higher level of achievement in Names.

The idea of Focusing time, becomes more important to me when it comes to International Names.
Some are just rough! Like really. Some names are 3 Associations required to just get it down. Luckly the Names skills comes handy when easier names comes by.
So, Spending like 4~ on average is sufficient to get atleast 12 Names correct, with the difficult spelling.
In a way, international Names feels like English Names all over again!
It was a journey indeed, climbing the levels. It took like a month 2~ months ( low-training-consistensy) to reach Level 9 and then 10.

Facing strong opponents have helped out too, giving it that little extra in your matches! =)
I am glad for everyone who have played with me so far!

-Keep Growing and Keep Flowing!