From Inactive to Active - Journaling (1)

About a month ago I started to train more regularly at Memory Sports.
It started slow, and, about 1month in I started to reach Top5s which I were familiar in the past, near my Peak performance on Memory League.

I recall trying out 100 digits ( new journey) and it took about 30min~ to get them perfect… well those times are gone.
Overall, there has been days where I have really pushed myself, like over 20+ games. That’s where I feel I made the most growth.

Best thing I found was this; rather doing INTENSIVE training for a few days, than going slow. Because, you might feel demotivated about the “low” scores you do now compared to before. I can say that with confidence on Cards. I did about 30 in a minute, now Top 5s under 1min.

The best tip I would say for anyone that is Inactive, just keep going until you Feel drawn to play!