French Memory Open 2021

The French Memory Sports Association is happy to announce its national open competition will take place in Montpellier on the 16th and 17th of October at the ESICAD school.

The competition will be a national IAM Open format with 10 disciplines over two days.
It is open to all competitors and will be performed digitally except for the Speed Cards event.

We already have competitors from France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Belgium taking part ! Good luck to all !

Each competitor is expected to bring a personal laptop working with the IAM competition software and a personal timer plus four decks of cards.

You can find some more information about the event : here.

Dates: 16th and 17th of October 2021

Schedule: Saturday : 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Sunday : 9:00 – 1:00 PM

Adress: 140 Rue Robert Koch, 34090 Montpellier, France

**[You can pre-register here]

(ASM French Memory Open 2021 - Montpellier)**

Let me know if you have any questions and see you soon !


Hi everyone,

After a long first day, below is a summary of the first results of the French Memory Open with the first 5 events completed (Spoken Numbers, 5M Numbers, 5M Binary, 5M Dates, 10M Cards):

  • @AndreaMuzii is currently leading the ranking with 4,509 pts. No world record beaten today though he was able to beat the Italian record in 5M Dates (146 vs. 139)

  • @SusanneHippauf secured the second position so far with 2,184 pts

  • @guillaumepetitjean is third with 1,976 pts and currently the #1 among French competitors

Apart from the performance of Andrea in 5M dates, several other national records were beaten today

  • @CelineDL was able to beat 5 Belgian records in Spoken Numbers (66 vs. 20), 5M Binary (165 vs. 141), 5M Dates (35 vs. 19), 5M Numbers (160 vs. 98) and 10M Cards (104 vs. 52)

  • Guillaume de Gabory beat 2 French records, in 5M Binary (510 vs. 469) and Spoken numbers (124 vs. 120)

Tomorrow will be another long day with 15M Numbers, 5M Images, 5M Names, 5M Words and Speed Cards. We hope plenty of other national records will be broken as well as maybe 1 or 2 world records !


Dear all,

With my apologies for the delay, you will see below the final results of the French Memory Open:

  • @AndreaMuzii won the French Memory Open for the second time (after 2019) and beat the highest total score ever recorded in a IAM competition with 8,858 pts (compared to his previous record of 8,593 during the Memory XL Open 2021. In addition to his national record in Dates mentioned above, he was also able to beat the Italian record in Words (128 vs. 92), Images (460 vs. 455) and Speed Cards (15.12s, which happens to be the second best performance in history vs. 20.77s)

  • @SusanneHippauf came second with 4,602 pts and was able to beat the German national record in Images (395 vs. 369)

  • @guillaumepetitjean came third with 3,953 pts with a new national record in Names and Faces (48 vs. 39) and won the title of French Champion !

Plenty of other records were beaten during the tournament:

  • We have a new world record in Images with @Yolan who was able to memorize 497 images, i.e. 42 more than the previous record owned by Andrea !

  • @EmanueleRegnani managed to take the Italian record from Andrea in Names & Faces (49 vs. 46)

  • @CelineDL continued her fantastic streak and was able to beat all Belgian records during the competition : in 15M Numbers (362 vs. 120), 5M Words (70 vs. 36), 5M Images (277), 5M Names and Faces (40 vs. 18) and Speed Cards (2m41s vs. 30 cards)

  • @LarsChristiansen beat the Danish national record in Words (50 vs. 42)

It was a fantastic week-end in Montpellier and I would like to thank / congratulate in particular:

  • The organizers, @SebastienMemory and @guillaumepetitjean for spending so much time making this competition possible. It was a very smooth event with a very friendly atmosphere whichI think is a great strenght of the memory athletes community !

  • Our arbitrer, Natalie, who came all the way from Denmark to supervise the event and make sure everything goes smoothly

  • The ESICAD School of Montpellier which welcomed us during this weekend

  • A special congratulations as well to the Italian team with 4 athletes competing during the weekend (@AndreaMuzii, @EmanueleRegnani, @Seba and Marco Orsini), which managed to take 3 spots in the top 5 !

Final scores below (national records in blue, world record in red)


I have 1 question, did they tried only 1 time and did this score.

Aur they tried unlimited times and here best record showing ??

In most events you only have 1 try except for:

  • Spoken numbers where you have 3 (100 / 300 / 550)

  • 5M numbers (2 tries)

  • Speed cards (2 tries)

For those 3 events we are only showing the best score here