Free time improvement

Hello guys,

I am Vašek, a high school student from the Czech Republic, and recently I´ve started to feel that I should fulfill my free time with such activities which should be beneficial for me. More specifically, I don´t want to spend my free time just watching some videos on Youtube or playing videogames. Of course I could e. g. study more or memorize something new but my biggest struggle is basically the fact that after comming home from school or training I usually learn my school stuff for the following day and after that I feel quite tired. So mostly I end up with watching videos on Youtube, which are at least in English.
Aditionally, not long ago I found a webpage called Daily page where people are supposed to write about specific themes, which are automatically generated everyday. And I really like that-it gives you an oportunity to write everyday about different themes and it costs almost no energy.
So is there something similar you do in your free time for your self-improvement?
Thanks for any response.

I like programming (puzzle solving and logic), cooking, and walking a lot. If I could be more disciplined, I would add more exercise and either yoga or meditation. :slight_smile:

Meditation is great, and to follow Josh’s walking suggestion, I like to practice my Memory Palaces while out on the road.

Here’s the thing about using memory techniques effectively:

They should give you energy, not drain it. When you’re doing it at the highest possible level for personal development purposes, this should be the effect you experience. If that’s not happening, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board and see what you can do to refine the process you’re using.

Thanks a lot guys. I´ve already added exrcising and it works well for me. I found out that after even small amount of excerise my mind is somehow refreshed and I can easily carry on studying. On the other hand e.g. after a football match I don´t feel like doing anything, because i am totally exhousted. :slight_smile:
Furthemore, as for the memory practising. I have the problem you described above, Metiever. For example, learning some school stuff using Loci is for me more demanding than the ordinary way of learning. Do you have any suggestions how to fix that?