Free Memory League subscription for the person who memorizes the millionth name!


We’re rapidly approaching one million names memorized on Memory League. There’s a free 12-month subscription for the person who memorizes the millionth name!

You can see the number in the global statistics block on the homepage. Here is a current screenshot:


(Silvio B.) #2

Nice! But how do you know who memorized the millionth name if it’s in a match and not in training?

(Simon Orton) #3

Ha ha, good question! In that case we’ll give a subscription to both players!


Maybe it would be good to hide the amount of memorized Names temporarily so that users cannot know when it would be in realistical reach within a few attempts of training. When you hide it, no one should be able to follow it from now on, due to invisible training attempts. Which would make it a fairer competition in my opinion.


Philodoof makes a valid point here. The Global Names statistics should be temporarily hidden or paused on the home page for it to be fair and much more suspenseful! :slight_smile:


Well, during the memorization, do you need to make the names correct? I mean like if you do an 30 names attempt and you get 20 out of them, does that count as 30 or as 20?


Can’t we also add like a nice ribbon to the ones that did honorable attempts to reach 1 000 000, such as the 10 players who played the most from the date this post was created to the day the 1 000 000 name is reached?
Then that ribbon will be Displayed close to their name as a welldone job. ( I could show an example with my name^^)


It is the amount of correct names that you get. And it updates instantly too! So cool :slight_smile:

(Simon Orton) #9

Good idea, Philodoof - the Names total is now hidden!

The million mark will probably be reached within the next couple of days.


Now the box seems so empty and unaesthetic, can you at put some question marks intead of the numbers? I think that will look better.


Congratulations to Grzegorz on memorizing the millionth name on Memory League!

It was during a training trial. A free 12-month subscription to Memory League has been applied to Grzegorz’s account.

A big thanks to everyone who took part in trying to memorize the millionth name. Words is currently at 870,385…

(Simon Orton) #12

@syustel - yes, we’ll do that next time. Just removing the number was the best we could do quickly.