Foundational Palaces for Long-term Language Study

The Question:

How do I remember loci which I may not use for days, weeks, months, years?


I am a college student. I want to use the 300+ buildings on my campus as a massive memory palace. My first memory task is ancient Greek. I am starting with nouns. There are three declension, and each declension is further subdivided into several morphological paradigms. I will assign each category of noun to a particular structure on campus. So as I continue my study of the language, I can just drop new vocabulary in loci according to declension and paradigm.

My concern is that I will forget loci or run out of loci as time goes on, and the entire organisational scheme will collapse.

Should I place filler-images to hold the loci in my memory?

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Matthew, my final and giant paper is exactly about learning ancient Greek by using the memory palace. Are you tracking your progress? If so, please write it down as detailed as possible and then I can use that :smiley:

In return, ask me anything about anything, I think I might be of help.

I think as for the loci, you should try and go over them a couple of times. I mean, you should be very familiar with the loci’s themselves before you can just neglect them. If you have already stored the information, then I suggest you go through the palaces every day or week or what every just one time to get them fixed there so that they’ll never leave.


Hello @Wessells ! How did your paper go? I am learning greek now, and trying to figure out the best way to learn greek paradigms

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I used mnemonics to learn Latin declensions, but I find the best way to learn is just read a lot of easy text in your target language e.g. ancient Greek.

There is a book “Lingua latina per se illustrata” for Latin, which is all in latin. For ancient Greek, there isn’t really an equivalent, perhaps Athenaze.

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