Forum Migration Updates

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience with the forum upgrade. The old forum content has been migrated in. There are still a few things to tidy up over the next few days.

Here are some known issues that are being worked on:

  • :heavy_check_mark:Some of the quote tags need fixing.
  • :heavy_check_mark:Some images still need to be imported.
  • :heavy_check_mark:YouTube embeds will be fixed.
  • :heavy_check_mark:There are a few posts with missing content that will be restored soon.
  • :heavy_check_mark:Some of the links that still point to the old forum will point to the new locations soon.
  • :heavy_check_mark: user avatars will be imported.
  • :heavy_check_mark: bios are on their way soon.

You might notice a large number of posts listed in the “unread” link at the top of the forum. If you want to clear that out, click on the link and there will be a “Dismiss” button on the top right that marks them all as “read”.

If you notice any other issues while browsing, send a message, and I’ll add them to the list. Also, feel free to send questions and feedback any time.


Josh, you have fused two forums together, right? “General Memory” and “Memory techniques” under “General Memory” is that correct?

Yes, the forum sections have been simplified a little bit, so there are fewer categories now, along with some additional features.

Posts about specific memory techniques can now be grouped across different categories by tags (for example, #method-of-loci). There aren’t many posts with tags yet, but that will increase as more as people add content.

The search box also works much better now and any post can be saved as a bookmark which will then appear on your bookmarks page if you’re logged in. To find the bookmarks page, click on your profile picture on the top right of the screen and look for the bookmarks icon.

It should look something like this:



The homepage now shows a list of latest posts instead of the categories. If anyone prefers viewing categories on the homepage, you can set that in your preferences. Visit your profile page, click on “Preferences” and then “Interface”. If you have trouble finding it, send me a message. :slight_smile:

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Update: user avatars have been imported from the old forum. If you had a profile picture in the old forum and hadn’t uploaded a new one (or used Gravatar), it should now appear correctly on your profile page.

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Update: user profiles (“about me” and “location”) have been imported.

Some of the content formatting needed tidying after the import, so a few posts were edited (cosmetic changes). I’ve been cleaning them up as I go through the archives. Examples: links to the old subdomain or that lacked https in the URLs were updated. If anyone has questions, send me a message. :slight_smile:

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I had a private conversation going with one of the team members behind the Art of Memory software. But the private conversation has vanished. If you remember me, please ping me!

What I asked for was being able to run the software with the Periodic Table set, which was in the commercial. To get familiar with the software I’d like to run such a set first.

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I’ll send you a message with information on how to get to the message.


Just wanted to say that I really like the new forum. :slight_smile:
It works very well on my phone too.


I completely agree with @SilvioB. It always takes some time in the beginning to adapt and get used to design changes, but I’m very happy with how it looks and works now. It looks really cool. :slight_smile: