Forum Layout

In order to make the forum readable on mobile devices, I’m experimenting with moving the user information to the top of posts instead of on the side. A large percentage of visitors are using the forum on mobile phones.

Please bear with me for a short time while I can figure the top position to look a little better. Then I will get some feedback from the users.

If you are viewing the forum on a mobile phone or tablet and the top-layout makes the forum easier to view, could you post a comment below?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve attached a screenshot from my phone showing how the extra width for the forum post content makes it more readable on phones. I’ll do some design updates today to make it look a little better. I’m just trying to find a solution for the mobile users until I can get the full site upgrade working. If people have feedback, please leave a comment below…

Hi Josh,

I very much like the change. The forum not only looks better on mobile dives, imo it also does on my pc.

Thanks for the feedback. The different layout makes the pages shorter too, because on long posts there was a left sidebar of empty white space. Now there should be less scrolling on threads like this 19-page one:

There is a bigger update coming soon, but I’ve been running into technical errors. I’m still working on it though. :slight_smile:

I actually liked the old version more. I’m using an iPod touch 4G and now I always have to turn the screen if I want to read posts. It’s not a big deal, but I preferred the old version.

Are you able to take a screenshot of the screen before you have to turn it? Is the right sidebar taking up space? If that is the problem, it will be fixed soon.

Like this?

Edit: That didn’t work, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay on the new design. There have been ongoing technical difficulties. I thought of a workaround, so I’ll try something new that should work. The new workaround will also drop the right sidebar to the bottom of the page on mobile devices so that the content fits on the screen without having to zoom.