Forget in exam

Forget in school and college the exam

If you tell us more or ask a specific question, maybe people here could offer some tips.

I can not remember in college exam
but extra time i read the college book exam that time i have remember everything
without exam i can remember the book

Do you mean that you can remember everything until you get to the exam, and then during the exam you forget things?

I think he speaks of a blackout.
Its an evil thing.
I heard of people which knew all answers of an exam, but couldnt remember in the exam under pressure.
They had to exit the study.

I also know this feeling. When I have to type a pin or have to answer a question in time i collabse under the pressure.

I think it will help when you meditate and can handle the stress and pressure of the moment. Also a tip could be to face the challenge more often.

Confront yourself with pressure in learning.

That are my tips for the moment.
I hope they can help you. :slight_smile:

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I have a recurring dream in which I have to go to my mathematics final exam, but I can’t remember where my school is. Part of the problem is that in my dream I’m driving a car and as far as I can remember I didn 't have a car when I was in highschool. By the end of the dream I remember that I have already graduated, so I just cruise around in my car untill I wake up.

This is probably the least helpful reply ever.




Yes, quite black out