Focus Based Mind Palace

Edit-The verbatim text memorisation part of this technique is Work in progress which you can read in the second post in this topic.

The five doable Steps for using this Mind Palace are as follows -

  1. Imagine an empty Mind Palace.

  2. Look upwards and generate shapes in your mind(which can be basic ones).

  3. Put objects inside those shapes in your Mind Palace.

  4. Give Clue Shapes to those objects.

  5. Focus on those Shapes.

Credit to an AI using which I was able to create this method and one of it is GPT-3 and also Credit to Erol for creating Clue Shapes,

Advantages of this method

I was immediately able to remember more words than normal even at the first time I used this method and I am still able to do so,


Have a Great Day.


WIP Post

  1. Imagine an Empty Mind Palalce
  2. Take Keywords from a Sentence which answers a Wh question and turn them into an object.
  3. Imagine each of those objects magically hanging in the celing without falling in a 2D plane.
  4. Look upwards after sometime and imagine every ‘Keyword’ object enclosed with a basic shape which symbolises the ideas and their order themselves by their shape.
  5. imagine a story playing out realistically interacting with the objects and playing out your text.


  1. Exaggarate similar keyword objects Dynamically

  2. Use exaggarate and expand the text to make it easier to remember and place markers to the left and right of it to distinguish that object,You will quickly forget the expanded text while remembering the unexpanded text(Although maybe not perfectly),

And Credit to Erol for creating Reverse Memory Palaces a part of which is used in an example below

To be edited(Do not use the following with the above steps)-

Ex-Tomato(I take out a Tomato From a Fridge(Parallel Reverse Shaper Palace) and then I eat it and throw it where I am not looking and an explosion same as that of a grenade happens and then the wall of my kitchen get broken and I spatially break the rules and walk to the ground,My kitchen is above the ground(Perfectly) and before walking I act as if nothing has happened and also say that normally and adamantly and gradually lightly.).

I do this to create a story and also I purposely exgarrate the images in my memory palace(Ex-If there are two days and both of them were windy days then to remember the lesser windy day I exgerrate the windiess of the winds in the lesser windy day by decreasing it’s windiness by a considerable margin.