Foadbear from India

Hello everyone. I am foadbear from India. I am a web developer by profession.

I didn’t even know that such a forum existed. Now that I am here, I am getting lots of positive vibes that I will succeed in accomplishing my goals.

I have three months in hand to pass an exam that people take at least 5-6 months to prepare. The exam requires one to remember facts and also have a good understanding of the subject. I was quite sceptical about my memory because in the digital age and being a web developer, I have been dependent on apps and google to remember and recall things that are important to me.

Yesterday I used the memory palace technique to learn the names of President of India and Prime Ministers of India in chronological order. Nascent effort but I was quite astonished by the results.

I can now recall them in any order just by visualising it for 10 minutes.

I am looking forward to learning from everyone here and accomplish the goals that I have set for myself.


Welcome to the forum!

We have quite some people from India here I believe, and even more people who are enthousiastic about improving their memory!

You will probably find the help you are looking for :slight_smile:

Welcome my dost /friend
Im your friend from india


Welcome bud! I’m sure you’ll ace those exams. :slight_smile:


Hello Foadbear, nice to meet you, also from India.
I am also preparing for medical entrances this year.

The first suggestion I would like to give is to learn the Major system by heart, you will find it useful in many ways. Since you hardly have 3 to 4 months try to manage your time well. since a good memory palace takes quite a good amount of time to make, don’t do that in your precious study time rather do it in free time.

Also use flashcards for things that can’t be used in memory palace,you can make manual paper cards or some software like Anki. Or similar.

Can you please also share some your advice. I would highly appreciate it, like how to memorise physics equations,inorganic chemistry and stuff.



How to use flashcards for things that can’t be used in memory palace ?

Thanks Mayarra. I know its not a overnight process, but with all like minded people here, I am quite positive.

Hello bud. I am in nascent stages of applying these techniques. When I will have some actionable information, I will make sure to pass it on. Thanks for your advice. I will keep that in mind.

If you have indian pao list then provide it
If it has only few famous names from india it will be beneficial for indians
Im making PAO myself and after completion i will share here but it will take time nearly one month .
Thank you /dhanyavaad

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Anki is a great tool.

@Vertexion mentioned “inorganic chemistry”. I haven’t done chemistry since uni, so I searched for “inorganic chemistry for 3-year-olds”. Hopefully, that reduces the chances of giving incorrect examples below:

Front: formula for sulphuric acid?
Back: H2SO4

Front: Bases are compounds that produce ____ when dissolved in water
Back: OH- (hydroxyl ions)

Front: what is a hydroxyl ion?
Back: OH-

Front: Salts result from the reaction between ___ and ___.
Back: acid, base

The advantage of Anki is that that easy cards are shown at longer and longer intervals, I have some cards that will not be shown to me for 2.4 years. That’s a big reduction in my study time.

On the other hand, cards that you find difficult will be shown more frequently (sometimes within 10 minutes).

Hope this helps.


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