Flashcard Study Method

I’ve found that this method is more effective than any other method I’ve tried before, expecially used in combonation with the SEE Principle (Use the Senses to experience the image, Exaggerate the image, Energize the image).

For example, some Science Vocab:

Science: a systematic study through careful observation, collection of data, and experimental investigation; observations of the physical universe.

For this, I’d picture scientists looking at stuff under giant magnifying glasses, examining beakers full of more stuff, and writing/drawing observations on a whiteboard. It just helps solidify the definition for me.

I’d continue on with these type of definition-solidifying images in conjunction with the above method until the deck is finished, repeating several times a day.

Hope this helps.

It means that you no need loci to put the data, right? Only linking image?

Yes, I only use the images to link/solidify the information.

Utilize this method, in conjunction with the memory program ANKI, and you will be well on your way.

ANKI acts as a trigger, and is a great place to consolidate information.