Flash Anzan with Soroban - Techniques to be super fast!


This is particularly for all those who use Soroban. I have developed my own Flash Anzan App (for Android) that has multiple features that help you boost your Mental Math skills rapidly !

Please try it out here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flashanzan.app

I’m sure you would know that the only thing that slows us down is the “Extension Formulae” or “Families”.

Example: If we have 5 bead down, and we wish to do (lets say) +7, then we need to do: +2 -5 +10

With my app you can exclude such scenarios OR practice with a particular “+6”, “+7”, “+8”, “+9” family question, and improve on each of these by practicing them separately, and then later, all together :slight_smile:

If you find it useful, please rate and share to help your friends or students as well !


It looks interesting, but the app asks for unnecessary permissions. Some apps do this, because they are monetized through 3rd party spyware, so I have to ask.

Why does an app that just flashes numbers need permissions like location? What feature does it have that requires access to users’ files and Internet connections? Why do you need the users’ identities?


I tried to implement Ads in this app. (Though it is not completely set up yet) It needs Location and Network access for that.

And I made the App remember (store) the settings (the Values, Flash Time, etc), so for that it would require accessing Phone storage to save and retrieve those settings when you run the app again.

There is nothing to worry, it is still just a blinking numbers app!

Okay – I had to ask, because you posted the same thing under another account on the previous day, but that other account did not have accurate information. Just want to make sure that users aren’t getting directed towards malware. That’s all…

I am curious, since I do not know much about Android programming: why not use SQLite rather than accessing the SD card? It seems like an app would get more installs if it asks for fewer permissions. This one serves ads as well, but it only needs a network connection.

Josh, you’re right. I just tried with “Network” only, and it works fine!

I have updated it and removed the unnecessary permissions. Please download, rate and share!



This application fails on my device.

Kind regards,


Please let me know which device you’re using. I can even send you a custom version of my app for your device. Thanks.

I have tablet Pentagram Tab 7.6.

Android 4.2.2
The previous version before update worked well on my device.
Thank you for good applicaiton. I have also problems with these calculations.
This application is extremly usefull.

Kind regards,

Got it !

Modified and made it compatible with ALL devices (x86 and ARM - Phones and Tablets).

It should work now ! - Please rate and share! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it does not work :frowning:

I update it after your post and it works well.
Soon after the application update comes and application crushes again :frowning:

Peter, I have reconfigured the devices. It supports even more now. Please uninstall your current one, and then install.

If it still does not work, or crashes, let me know and I will send you an APK file of my previous versions that worked for you.

Thank you Hassan :slight_smile: For your app :slight_smile:
I will train as har as I can :slight_smile:

kind regrds,