Flash Anzan Tips?

So I’ve bought a 17 rod abacus last May and started practicing addition. I’m focusing on addition for now. And, I could now add up to 7 digit number to another 7 digit number with great accuracy and speed. So 3 days ago I’ve tried doing the Flash Anzan. (I know some of you would say that I have to practice more on the actual abacus before moving forward to this). But I’ve just tried it. And I did it. I could be able to add 2-3 digit number to another 2-3 digit number. I’m practicing 1 and a half hr every night before I go to bed. And I want to make sure that every night I made some adjustments or improvement. So to anyone who can do this, do you guys have any tips? Any suggestion would help. Thanks a lot!

P.s: I could already add, subtract and multiply fast using mental math. But I still tried the abacus because it’ll be helpful in some problems.

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I would say to you keep doing the great job you’re already doing with your abacus.

Try Memoriad’s softwares because you can exercise your abilities with it.


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So what do you do? Picture an abacus in your mind and move the beads to get an answer?

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Yep this is what I do, It was very hard at first and I can’t even perform simple addition without the actual abacus. But over time with practice, I’ve found it getting easier. The image of the abacus gets vivid in my mind and it is starting to move naturally as I see the numbers flashing. But I still need more and more practice since I still make few errors sometimes


You can exercize yourself with this amazing generator of addition, substraction, multiplication and division problems resolved with soroban, and there are anzan problems too!


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