First time trying to memorize a full deck

Here is my first attempt at memorizing a full deck of cards without mnemonics. I had 5 minutes for memorization. Even though I had a decent amount of mistakes I still think it’s a pretty solid attempt. This score showed me that I do have the potential to memorize a deck of cards under 5 minutes with my natural memory.

I have memorized 32 cards under 2 minutes before so I thought 5 minutes for a full deck should be achievable. Then why not give it a shot?

I am not going to dedicate myself to this that much so the next attempt might be in a few days or maybe even later.


What is the software/app you are using?

It’s an app on the play store called Memory Ladder.

I think its Memory Ladder app in google playstore.

How did you manage to avoid missing a card or inserting a card that wasn’t there? Seemed like you had a 1:1 correspondence with the deck, just with some occasional errors that didn’t disrupt the overall order. I’m surprised anyone could do so well without mnemonics – well done!

I memorized the numbers and letters of the cards first, which is essentially the order of the deck. After that I tried to memorize the symbols but I didn’t have enough time to go through all the symbols.

If I managed to memorize like 70% of the symbols then I am sure I could’ve had close to the full deck by process of elimination since I did memorize 100% of the numbers and letters.