First Post!

Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forum though I would say I’m not unfamiliar with the forum as I’ve read through some of the posts and memory challenges before. But I really wanted to talk to others about these techniques and their experiences and advice for practicing and applying them.

A little more about myself, I’m a recent college graduate with a degree in Philosophy and Economics and I’ve always found the techniques mentioned on this forum extremely fascinating, they almost made me consider studying Neuroscience during undergrad. Although I never applied the techniques to my studies at least not extensively, now I’m wanting to actually practice more seriously with techniques such as the memory palace, and other techniques. One of my goals is to help maintain everything I’ve learned during undergrad and build on to what I’ve learned so far. Though I mainly want to develop the skills for learning generally, which the techniques mentioned in this forum definitely seem like they can accomplish that, and also combine the techniques with traditional study habits as a way to fill in any gaps and address any limits with these techniques.

I know there is a starting pdf that I’ve looked through before, and I’ll revisit it here in the next few days, but are there any forum posts anyone would recommend to beginners? I’ll probably make another post about some of the forum posts I’ve looked at before that I should still have bookmarked. Some ideas for practicing I had were first starting with rereading that PDF on here and any forum posts for beginners just to practice the basics. I also thought it would be cool to go through some of the memory challenges for practice, especially the logical fallacy one which I think is really neat! Another idea I had was to go through the Wikipedia list of list and use it for just general memorization practice with the memory palace and other techniques, plus building a general knowledge base would be useful anyway. Later down the road I definitely want to experiment with using the techniques to aid in learning languages. I already have some experience with German as I studied it in college, though not with memonics. But Latin, Russian, Ancient Greek, and other languages would be awesome to learn and practice with. Other topics I would like to grapple with would be Mathematical topics, especially related to Economics. Not just the mental math techniques mentioned, but those are definitely something I want to practice more with, but more so applying the techniques to high-level maths like differential and integral calculus, Linear Algebra, and other higher-level maths. Also, other abstract topics like formal logic and computer programming I would love to experiment with as well.

Just the stuff I’ve brainstormed here will certainly keep me busy in the meantime while I’m out of college, and keep my mind sharp. At least until I go to grad school for economics later on, which is another reason why I want to get more serious about practicing with these techniques. Let me know what you guys think about some of my ideas and goal. I look forward to reading and responding to you guys!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Try these pages:

The search box is also useful. Try the advanced search in the right sidebar of that page if there is something specific you’re looking for (or ask here, and someone might know of a discussion that answers your question).


Thank you! I’m reading through “How Do I Get Started with Memory Techniques” now. If I have any questions I’ll certainly ask!

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