First Attempt at memorizing some cards

Hey there everyone, I discovered this forum today and was very interested! I find it incredible how some people can memorize a deck of cards so quickly and other things. I decided to shoot my shot at it and decided to start with 12 cards. I looked up methods and I heard about “memory palace”, now I basically understood that you walk through your house assigning the cards to different furniture. I attempted to do this and I just can’t really imagine anything. When I try to imagine a house I know that I’m thinking of it, but I can’t actually see anything. So instead of that I just thought of the name of the objects in the house, the words of them and associate the cards with those words, and imagined which furniture and items I would see first going through the house. I managed to memorize the 12 cards in 2:30. It’s now about 15 minutes later and I can still remember the cards and their order.

Is this a known method of just associating it with words? Does this count as a “memory palace?” Now that I’m researching this, are certain people just gifted with the ability to see the palace and walk through it in their heads?

I’m obviously not very educated on any of this and find it really cool! So any info is appreciated. Have a great day all!


It sounds like you might have something called Aphantasia, which means you can’t form mental pictures. I’d do a little research on that and see if you relate to some other people who have it.

I’m not sure what its implications are for mnemonics, I’m sure there are people here who know more about that. It doesn’t sound like it’s impeding you too much though!


I’ll make sure to read about it.

I tried again today and am going to add 2 cards a day until I can do the whole deck, today I did 14 cards and it took me 4:48. Not exactly sure why it took me so much longer. I was confusing the cards with cards from the other day.

Does anyone know if just progressively adding cards like this is best? Or if I should just constantly try with the whole deck until I get it right?

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It sounds like a memory palace to me, since you’re attaching your mnemonic images to locations.

Not everyone sees pictures. There are some posts in the forum about #aphantasia and #visualization that might be interesting.

I’m not sure, but if you have extra time you could create a second (or more) memory palace and try memorizing a whole deck in addition to progressively adding cards.

The “other day” by your posting times looks like yesterday.
Use another route, or another memory palace when the previous memorization is still fresh.

Thanks for the tip Vector! I’ll try that out tomorrow!

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I can vizualtion a o bjekt but I can forget this under the recall somone as know why?