Firefox VPN

This is off-topic, but I thought it might interested the tech-oriented people here. Firefox is testing a new VPN service that is built into Firefox. (VPN protects your traffic, especially useful when connected to public wi-fi hotspots.)

(Edit: it’s only available in the US during the testing period.)

I just tried it and it just involves clicking a link and then signing in. Check it out here:



Sorry, I just saw that. It’s only available in the US during the testing period. :confused:

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I use Private Internet Access VPN. When I set it to some random country and use a private Firefox window and visit this date and time website, the website still knows my actual time zone.

Even using Tor browser and the VPN it still knows my correct local time. I don’t know how they do it.

As this hacker points writes in his book, being invisible on the internet is very hard.

It looks like Private Internet Access VPN has over 3,000 servers around the world, so it might be due to routing your traffic through a nearby server instead of sending it across the world.

I’m not very familiar with Tor, but browsers also know your local time. Right-click on a page in Firefox and choose “inspect element”. Click on the “console” tab there. Type this in the console and hit enter:

new Date()

It will then print out your local time, which webpages have access to. Here’s a screenshot on my computer in California:

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I’ve been using the free Sandboxie for a few years, with no problems:

SB works with any browser - in fact it works with anything you want. I don’t use SB for “private browsing” - or whatever the posh term is. I use it simply for protection. So, whatever cookies are set within SB will be transferred back to the normal folder after SB shutdown. But there might be an SB setting that prevents cookies from being transferred.

I use Win Defender and MalwareBytes for “live” protection, plus adwCleaner - all from within SB. If I want to download a freebie or whatever from an unknown site, I simply scan the file within SB using all 3 of the above before allowing it out of SB.


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Firefox also has a few extra useful features for managing cookies: