Finding and converting tabular information into 3D spatial data

Is there some tool that can identify patterns in data and convert it into a spatial, 3D map for me?

Let’s say I supply the following data:

eat = iː
beat = iː
eel = iː
key = iː
emu = iː
chief = iː
head = ɛ
said = ɛ

If I was to put these into a memory palace and I don’t want to spend lots of time getting them in the right place, this could save time.

Why do you need a 3d map for this?

It’s just an example. I’d prefer not to get fixated on the example.

I’m interested in the process of making a Memory Palace in which the layout makes logical sense and isn’t just arbitrary at first.

What you need is a tool to organize information from a table of data?

What you need is a tool to organize information like this?

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That AI organisation of things by category is pretty good :slight_smile:
That example only ever has 2 nodes in the network. I’m interested in finding multiple connections between all the nodes.
I can put things into my memory palace but as I find connections I then want to move them around. Having to do this by trial and error is so slow.

I want to drill into the spelling of words in this case: