Finally memorized the geologic periods

I like science. And then realized I was all mixed up on the order of the geologic periods. Like if you told me a name, I’d be certain whether it was one or not, but I’d struggle to place it in order. I decided to fix this. My attempt at a mnemonic device failed (I’d get stuck on the next word or what it meant), so I decided to try a different technique - setting the eras to a song.

Link to the recording (please bear my singing voice, as well as the fact I had to do multiple takes and stitching several parts together):

Lyrics below.

The geologic eras show a record of our history
From the present era to the edges of prehistory.
Learning them in order does not have to be a mystery.
Let’s go from the start.


Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian,
Carboniferous, the Permian, Triassic and Jurassic,
The Cretaceous and the Paleogene, the Neogene, Quaternary.
Let’s learn about them all.

We don’t know how life started out - discussion is irregular.
Before we had the Cambrian, most life was unicellar.
The Ordovician had a bunch of small marine invertebrates
And then they got wiped out.

We had the brief Silurian - yes, it’s among the shortest ones,
And fish ruled the Devonian and sharks were the important ones.
The Carboniferous period was mostly filled with rainforests
But not for very long.

The Carboniferous ended as the rainforests were uninvited.
All of them were dying as the continents became united.
Deserts took over the land - the Permian was hot and dry
And life had to adapt.

The geologic eras show a record of our history
From the present era to the edges of prehistory.
Learning them in order does not have to be a mystery.
Let’s go from the start.


When Pangaea became mature, life wailed in sudden agony.
90% of species died - a sudden big catastrophe.
An era of life ended. We almost had to begin again.
The Mesozoic came.

Two-fifty million years ago, the Earth entered Triassic times
But tetrapods would suffer as the Earth entered Jurassic times
And then the long Cretaceous where the dinosaurs ruled all the land,
And then you know the rest.

The mammals now could rule again as we entered the Paleogene
The climate cooled as we enter the short and recent Neogene
And then in the Quaternary, the long ice ages came along
With humans to ruin it all.

Chorus, ending with “And now you know them all.”


Nice :slight_smile:

I haven’t used a song as a mnemonic, yet, but I might give it a try sometime :smiley:

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Catchy tune. Nicely done, Icosencephalic.


I think I will learn it myself.

Thanks. I definitely apologize for my singing - perhaps you could record it better. Or memorize it and then sing it, heh.

The singing was fine. At the very least, it was much better than I could do.

Thanks, I guess.

:smiley: I am in my kitchen now starting to learn it. It is quite fun. And I am greatly enjoying your singing.

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Thanks. I hope it helps.

I always thought making songs to memorise huge lists and orders is not efficient but you proved me wrong.

Well done bro. :+1::+1:

From now I will also try to make my own songs. :wink::wink:

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Thanks. I encourage you to write your own songs. I find it helps me.


Have you memorized the original song?

Now do it again, but with more geologic periods! I’ve gone before the Cambrian to include the missing ten periods of the Proterozoic!

Siderian, Rhyacian, Orosirian,
Statherian, Calymmian, Ectasian, Stenian,
Tonian, Cryogenian, Ediacaran.
Phanerozoic now!

Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian,
Carboniferous, the Permian, Triassic and Jurassic,
Cretaceous and the Paleogene, the Neogene, Quaternary.
Proterozoic now!

(back to the start)

…Cretaceous and the Paleogene, the Neogene, Quaternary.
Now you know them all!

I originally uploaded a version where I mispronounced Statherian - this has been fixed.


I really enjoyed your singing and I’m wondering how much still works after these 4 months and have you managed to continue singing it from time to time? if you still remember it, could you share reviewing routine for it and what have you learned from that experience. I’ve been trying to using music lately exactly in this manner but with little success :confounded: any tips would be greatly appreciated thanks again for the great share!

@cameri I started out using it as a mnemonic for the periods + some events within them, but I increasingly find that I just need their order most of the time, so it has mostly been the chorus. I still need to sing it from time to time.

For review, I just listen to the song on repeat. For hours. Often I’ll spend six hours or so just listening to that song in the background while I get other work done. Parts of it at least usually drive themselves into my head and then I have the urge to sing along to an incomplete song, which forces further review of it so I can sing along. It usually takes a few days to memorize the entire thing this way, but once I get it done, I can sing along easily.

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This is great. I hadn’t thought of trying it like that. I need ways to memorize things without the memory Palace from time to time and I can clearly imagine listening to a song like the one you shared with us and actually accumulating the songs and making albums out of them.

Have you done this with other material or have you planned to ? I would love to hear your geology compilation!

Ahahahaha. Unfortunately, geology is not my area of expertise, as might be clear from the fact I need a mnemonic!

The Moon Song, the only other song I have written to date. (starts about 1 minute into the video, originally dedicated to a small YouTuber I watch.)

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I would definitely buy your album and this is no joke but you have to make more ( and make the album as cheap as possible for us poor lads) hahahaha I can’t stop laughing you’ve really nailed a nice recipe 4fun memorizing in this video. It is the greatest example of exactly what I was hoping to find !!! and so funny also!! People you have to watch this till the very end. @GibtsDochGarNicht I believe you where also looking for something like this and one of your threads.

You know how long I haven’t been able to last more than a couple of minutes on a YouTube video without having to do X speed x 2? Hahaha thanks a ton again, very inspiring

I might get around to doing another song like this, but as for my revised geologic periods song, it still needs some memorization from me as well as editing out the rough spots in the lyrics.


That’s fantastic.

I’m going to listen to that just before I go to sleep tonight.

It will either keep me awake all night - or knock me out immediately.


No prob.