Finally memorized a deck!

I finished memorizing my PAO list for cards yesterday, made a journey of 18 stops, and made my first attempt to memorize a deck today. It took me about 1/2 hour and 2 passes. I messed up 2 images first pass, so went back and I reinforced those images. Then after I was sure I got it, I gave it about 10 minutes and sorted a second deck, which only took me about 2 minutes. When I checked, they matched :slight_smile:

Now time to work on speed


Hi Fred, well done mate👍. Im just getting memory etc and would very much like to know how to get started with recalling a full deck. Could you please, help point me in the right direction, hints tips methods etc, any help or info would be very much appreciated🙏

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Hi Fred!
You’ve done better than I have, I did it once months ago, and performed it for my uncle. I’d say it took me about 2-3 hours to actually memorize it, and then the recall part had to go back and reinforce many times. But… by the time I showed it to my uncle… I could recall it in a few minutes. He was impressed, but I never went back to learn or memorize another deck. Coming back to it though!

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Hi Dean,
I am sorry for the late response. Thank you for the encouragement. The only advice I would give, is to create a journey of 18 steps, and create your PAO list for all the cards. I practiced the cards until I had them at about 95% recall for all People, Actions, and Objects, then started to try to memorize shuffled decks. The other 5% filled in with the memorization practice. Aside from that, practice daily. If you need resources, Neslon’s book Remember it! (I am not affiliated with Nelson, btw) helped me a lot.

That is definitely impressive. I can’t imagine that my first time will be nearly that fast. How long did it take you to actually create the PAO list and journey?