Finally I memorized 60 digits in ML😘😘😘

@Rajadodve786 Excellent work. You’ll be upwards even more in no time.

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:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:Thank you for your kind reply.
It is nice to know that my work is getting recognized and people are appreciating it.



Finally, today I memorized 70 digits and reached in level 10.
And my next target is fast memorizing.



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How much training did it take to you to come att this result?
Good job!


I achieved this record in almost 3 weaks training.

In two weeks , I am only completed my pronunciation system and when I memorizing the numbers I forgot some numbers then I noticed that number which I forgot in recalling and change the picture of the number.
Find new pronunciation of that number.

I am not memorizing numbers for many years, this year I am more interested in memorizing numbers.
I am more interested in mental calculation from childhood.


I just got acquainted with memory castles and i want to know how to memorize digits and use which technique??? please help


In my opinion there 6 system you have to adopt for memorizing numbers.

  1. Pao (further millennium pao)
  2. Major system
  3. Ben System (variation in major system)
  4. Shaper System
  5. Pronunciation system
  6. Simon system.

The difficulty level of above system are

Simon system > Pao > Ben > Major > Shaper > Pronunciation system.

If you want to go with Pao than you can build up your Pao with different approach -

  1. Arbitrary = you simply assigned different people in whatever no you want.

  2. Dominic approach = You can try Dominic letter assignment and build your Pao.

  3. Category = you build your Pao with groups of category.
    Ex - cartoon character for 0
    Superhero for 1

  4. (a) By major - If you want you make your Pao with major system letters.
    Ex - 10 - TS = Tiger Shroff (Actor)

  5. (b) By major - In this part you can try major system letters by initials.
    Ex - 23 - Nemo
    25 - NeilArmstrong

  6. Pronunciation system - By this way , you simply pronuncing the number and categories different people by pronunciation.

And so on…

And if you want to build your major system .
First made your first 00 to 99 pegs in major system.

Use only single image for number .

Example - 23 is always Nemo etc
By which your speed is increased.


Have you seen the free ebook?

There’s also a video introduction here:

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