Finally I memorized 60 digits in ML😘😘😘

I am very excited to say that finally I memorized :money_mouth_face:60 digits in 1 minute in memory league.

I did many attempt but i am not success but now I did it and my level is increased.

I have no words to say my happiness how can I
I express you.
This is my score :star_struck: -

And I am very happy to say that I can done this only with my Pronunciation System. :sunglasses:

And my age is 17 now.


Good Job!


apto super se bi uper ho


Great Job! Keep up the good work!


Can I ask what method you used?

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I already told my technique on my first post.
Pronunciation system that is created by me

Ahhh I see. I guess I missed that part! Very nice! :slight_smile:

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Do you Hindi language or Chinese language

Nope. I am half Persian…I speak a little farsi :wink:

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I tell you concept of my Pronunciation System.
In this system when you see the numbers you simply Pronunce the number and then you get a word ,store in your memory palace.

Example - Persian counting numbers.
1. Yek - Yolk (when we Pronounce we get a
same sound word )

 2. **Do** - Dodo (bird)

3. **Se** - Sex
4. **Chaahar** - chair (you can also see 4 legs)

I don’t know Persian language otherwise I give you pronounciation of these in Persian language.

Note- you can also select yak (animal)

When you memorizing the number and suddenly you forgot the number that time , you speak very fast counting numbers in your mind and you get it.

Like - 20 - Bist - sounds like bees

This advantage you didn’t get in major System because when you forgot the number then that time you have no choice
And recalling also slow.
If practice Pronunciation system than you can easily do this without some letters assigning

Example - 4566 - when I see this number I simply speak the number and I got it.

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Example -

8 - Hasht - Hashtag symbol (and also it is seen
as 8)

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Thats an awesome system!! Thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:

I do have one question, and maybe you explained this but I’m having trouble understanding this: How do you apply this to 2 or 3 digit numbers? For example, this system works fine for single digits…but what happens when you run into a number like 56? or 245? or 7295? Are you combining sounds to make a word, sort of like major system? Or are you pronouncing each single digit individually?

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It is not useful for single digits it is also useful for double digits also .
I also post in my Pronunciation System 2 digits number Pronunciation.

Like 20 - Bist - Bees

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And for 4 digits numbers I relate them in the division of 2.
Like I said in my post.
Example - 4566
Patila Chhachh (means buttermilk in Pot)

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You know Punjabi people if you know them
Then you can use this picture that I created

50 - Panjah - Punjabi (when you Pronunce them
you get similar sound)

And if I create this in Hindi language then it is

Panja means Palm in English.

I am not confusing in my Pronunciation system because in Hindi language , every counting numbers is unique.
Does not look like twenty one, twenty two etc.

I created this system in childhood means in class when I study in class 6th that time I doesn’t know memory tricks.
I only know linking method and mnemonic.

And when I understand that my system is better than I developed this system in this year.

I only practiced this system for almost 1 month.
And I currently developed my system than it is make more easy .

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I find new picture
I don’t know , you know it

Her name is Mozdah
That sounds is not exactly similar but if understand it you can use it
For number 19 (Nozdah)

By the way in my Hindi Pronunciation many of the word is objects not people.

That’s not entirely true… depending on how you pick your images for major you can also just speak the letters fast:

562 - LJN - Lotion
302 - MSN - Amazon
202 - NSN - Ensign

…bear in mind that after some practice with the major system, the number 5 simply makes the sound β€œL” when you read it… there is virtually no time needed to translate the number into its letter equivalent.

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Bjoern , I tried this and translete the numbers fast
when I practiced numbers but when I memorized numbers in memory league with major system that time many times I forgot words then recalling is very slow but that is I told in Pronunciation when I forgot number then recalling is very fast.

But last thing , all the people have different minded so some people like Pronunciation and some like major.

I also tried Pao but when I memorized by Pao then I forgot on recalling which person do what work and with which objects.
But some say it is very fast.
And also memory champion applied this technique on competition so many of them use this technique.

I updated my Pronunciation System(give all the object action) and practiced it for one weeks and now I am amazed to see my new score .

I will reach level 10 soon
Now I understood that I can do it very fast, after more practice.

And I also sad for missing number that I know but when I recalling I forgot it.

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I also listed person that Pronunciation is similar to numbers.
Like 24 - chobe ji

And somebody see the number that I missed .

If you see than you get 2704 that is the required image in Ben system.

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