FINAL WEEK?! The Memory International Names purge Memory Challenge Week VII, Wrapping up

          🌠🍀 **FINAL WEEK???!** 🍀🌠 

:star::star::star:WEEK 7 of International Names :star::star::star:
:star: :star: Purge CHALLENGE, is on!!! :star: :star:
:star::star: \\ //// :star::star:
Week 6 continued with our (current) top 3 in this discipline. Stunning scores indeed. All over 26

This week, 30 names.:fire:

It is truly humbling to hear how much effort goes into this. 1 picture doesn’t tell the whole tale. It goes in so much for these achievements that they are been able to do, behind the scenes. And, that is humbling.

(Has Been:)

10(Week I)-13(Week II)-16(Week III)-19(Week IV)- 22(Week V)


30(Week VII) <-------------

(Coming Soon:)

Final week, Last remaining.

Last time to post, or score being made:
Sunday 16nd Feb, 11:59 PM, (GMT-11)/ (PST-3)/ (UTC-11),

After that the next week begins. So you can just comment down here or wait for the new Week Post.

:sparkles::muscle::sparkles:FINAL 3??!!:

Jan-Hendrik Büscher (28):fire::fire::fire: :fire::fire::fire:

22, 27, 24, ,29, 28

Katie Kermode (26):fire::fire::fire: :fire::fire::fire:

27, 26, 29, ,26, 26

Simon Reinhard :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

25, 27,20, 22, 27


-For each ongoing week you participate in, you get one extra :fire: each week you have completed.

Surviving up to week 5:

Guillaume Petit-Jean (20):fire::fire::fire::fire:

19, 16, 17, 20

Week 4 Climbers:

Sylle Arvidieu :fire::fire::fire:

19, 13, 17

Daniel Evans :fire::fire::fire:

10, 13, 16

Sanchit Sharma :fire::fire::fire:

11, 13, 16

Great achievement!
So far, reached week III:

Matthew Wilson :fire::fire:(14)

Boris Nikolai Konrad :fire::fire:(13)

John Graham :fire::fire:(14)

Jan Zoń :fire::fire:(15)

Ksenia Samotiy :fire::fire:(13)

Minh Duy :fire::fire:(13)

Great job!


Those who cleared Week 2 :

( you can still climb higher!)


On Art of memory🎩:

sfep :fire::fire:(13)

Braden Adams :fire::seedling:(10)

Simon Orton :fire::seedling: (11)

SilvioB :fire::seedling: (10)

albinoblanke :fire::seedling:

Finwing :fire::seedling: (11)

BurningDesire :fire::seedling:(10)

Rajadodve786 - Raja :fire::seedling: (12)

Good job for coming all the way up to Week 2!

For those clearing Week 1 challenge:


Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk🌱 (6 Names, 12:40s!!!)

Sven Wetzel🌱(4)

Clay Knight🌱(7)

Tomas Derville🌱 (10)

Léo Lebarque🌱(4)

Kevin Schulz🌱 (8)

Patrick Dufour🌱 (6)

Art Of Memory🎩:

Oscar4 - Oscar🌱 (6)

abijot_Sohi :seedling: (7)




Some scores is written in parenthesis “( )”

:sparkles::crown::sparkles:32 Signups.

:sparkles::trophy::sparkles:3 Still going.

:ok_hand:Shoutout for those who have been doing 20 or above!

Katie Kermode (29):sparkler:

Simon Reinhard (27):sparkler:

Jan-Hendrik Büscher (29):sparkler:

Guillaume Petit-Jean (20)

Leading score is shared by:
Katie Kermode astonishing results of 29 Names, done twice!
Jan-Hendrik Büscher successfully clearing week 5 with his mighty 29 Names!

-Just 1 score away from the Golden score!-
This week, the “Chosen 3” have the promising performance, from past weeks, to clear that Level!


 ⭐️⭐️⭐️                            ⭐️⭐️⭐️

:star::star::star: :star::star::star:
:star::star::star:First to 30 is still exciting:star::star::star:
:star::star::star: :star::star: :star:
:star::star::star: :star::star::star:

-Who will be the first one?

-If you think you have what it takes, try beat 30 Names!
(to those who have signed up)
Good Luck everyone!

Thank all of you who are taking a part of this​:pray::sparkles::rose:

How will this challenge go? Tune in to see!

-If any clarification needs to be done, do not hesitate to reach out