Few questions about shadow system

Hi all,
This is Tommy. I am using three digits system, and that comes from my 2 digits by expended with 10 categories.
Right now, I have created1352 images for my cards and encoded by digits numbers. (eg: 4♥️4♥️=404)Cuz I am not using the pronunciation system. Some of the problems cannot be solved just by searching for previous experience.

So when I was trying to memorize a full deck of cards. Here are some questions might comes out below:
(1) In my system, like most others, if my first card in the first pair of a suit is red, which means the image has to stay in the 1st loci. And if the first card is black means the image has to move to the next location.
So the question becomes what I should do when I met several images stay in one loci?
Just make them into an integrity story?

(2)What about the parts that cannot fill out the number system?

I read the number on the first card first and then the suit, and then the number on the second card.
I created 104 images for each of J,Q,K (and 40 more images for K to accomplish the 1352 images)

After that, I assigned J to 5 and Q to 6 when I met them in the second card.

As we know, some parts must be missing—the card system doesn’t entirely match up with the digits system.
For instance,
055,056,155,156,255,256,355,356,455,456,555,556,655,656,755,756,855,856,955,956,J55,J56,Q55,Q56,J50,J60,Q 50, Q60

My problem is, what would be the best way to solve those numbers? Just let them go? Or assign them into K’s category? If I do so, what would be a

(3)How long it may take to be back with ppl’s best record (eg: my best record in speed card is 32 sec)

Overall, I seek help from anyone who can solve any one of those questions with my best appreciation. We talk to the further if the problem doesn’t describe very clear.

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