Federal election causes me to memorize Canadian provinces

I posted a challenge of memorizing Canada’s provinces and territories, but it never occurred to me to actually memorize them until the map came up this last federal election. I’m from the States, so I usually don’t have a need to remember Canadian provinces, but following along with the election would be easier if I memorized the map.

I quickly split the map into a few main sections: BC-Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, the Maritimes (NL, NB, NS, PEI), and the territories.

Interestingly, most election websites gave the provinces in the reverse order, starting from Newfoundland and Labrador and then going west to British Columbia, and listing the territories last. I’m not sure why this is. It makes more intuitive sense for me to go from west to east.

On the spot, I came up with “BAS MOQ” to remember the major provinces, and the Maritimes fell into place from there (NL is its own thing, and for the other three I used their shapes and locations to form a visual mnemonic for where all three are).

The territories were pretty obvious. Yukon’s first, then Nunavut has a very distinctive shape and name, and NWT was the one left over in the northwest.

Within a few minutes, I had the map of Canada memorized and referenced it during the federal election, and now the provinces are pretty well-burned into my memory. I don’t think I’ll forget them soon.