Feature Request: History of Display Names + Rule against Impersonation

Over the past months I’ve seen people seemingly changing their Display Names multiple times in a row, as well as impersonating others (e.g. calling themselves “Alex mullen” (small ‘m’ compared to the real one), “memoryleague.com” (if that’s a real one from the creators, sorry :P)). I don’t mind if people want to stay anonymous, but I feel like the current system is a tiny bit open to abuse. For example if a person is misbehaving under one alias, they can just change it and disassociate from their previous actions.

I have two suggestions.

1. History of Display Names
On the profile of a user, also display all the previous aliases that this user has used. Maybe it would also make sense to limit the number of changes a user can do to their display names, e.g. maximum of 5 changes per month. Otherwise they could just change their alias many, many times in a row, to make it harder to see/understand that history.

2. Rule against impersonation
Impersonating someone is really not cool, whether that’s a person, or a website. It’s kind of common sense not to do it, but it’s obvious that not everyone has common sense (probably younger kids?). Could for example be done by showing a warning/info-box when changing the display name, that impersonating others is not OK and that their account will be suspended if they do.

Do you agree/disagree that this type of behaviour should be tolerated?
What do you think of the suggestions?

Looking forward to hear other people’s thoughts. :slight_smile:


:joy: Immediately made me think of this, sorry:

But in all seriousness, I think it might be a good idea to limit the abilty to change the Display Names. Maybe make it so that it’s only possible to change it once a month or something like that. If people can’t just change the name again as they please, they might think before they light-mindedly impersonate someone else.


Twitch allows changing your username once every 6 months. This makes it significant enough that people think properly before changing their name.

Also I think this discussion has connections with the real name discussion. If everybody on page 1 of the leaderboard and in division 1 needs to use their real name (applying for an exception possible with good cause), the problem becomes a bit less severe.


Thanks for the suggestions.

Display names can now only be changed once per 60 days. We will keep the other suggestions in mind, but hopefully that will put a stop to the main problem with name changes.