Fancy a bit of music?

Hey everyone,

in my free time I like to play Techno (people would say that I am a DJ but I’d rather refer to myself as a music curator. Calling myself a DJ would be an insult to the real, amazing and genius DJs out there).

I just recorded a new set. Today the sun was shining and I felt like playing some music. This set is not Techno but rather relaxing tunes with a lot of nice melodies. Depending on your personal taste (if you like music that is related to this genre), it can be definitely used as music to accompany your studies. Not too engaging so you don’t lose focus.

If you would like to give it a try, please feel free to listen to it.



pretty decent track for listening while driving a car) I used to create music myself, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result every time I finished recording the track, tho, I started learning Photoshop [spam link deleted] and it’s a pretty helpful skill . I find people who can come up with a great sense of art very talented. One minus for me is the duration of the song, It’s a bit long xD All in all, you did a great job.