Eye Flutter

Ok, weird question. When I do really intense and extended periods of pegging, I get involuntary eye flutter. Now, it’s not unpleasant exactly, I can certainly stop it voluntarily. It simply interesting to me that my eyelids if left to involuntary control begin fluttering incessantly. Does this happen to anyone else?

There are a few associations I know of. For example, people who are epileptic often have involuntary eye twitching. There is an association with high stress levels… also exhaustion… which is unlikely because I usually train early in the am. I’ve read that stimulant use such as caffeine can result in eye flutters… sure. But this really only happens after extended memory work.


I know that this is an old post, but I’d like to say that I definitely have this experience sometimes, but only when recalling information, never when forming images. The reason for my eyes doing this is because I’m literally trying to “see” the information, so my eyes respond in kind.

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Could be you burning through your potassium, maybe try a banana.