Extending to 1000 digits with Major PAO


Created a set of Vehicles used by noteworthy ladies and gents (local) utilized the major system which is easier to remember.

Any thoughts?

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Looks good. I assume any digits that start with 1 will be a sail boat etc.

Can you gives some examples on how you would use this?

So you will have like 2 images represent a 3 digit number? What happens if you forget one of the vehicles, is there a way to remember the missing vehicle?

for example the Person and the Action for a given 3 digit number, would be on a sail boat.

E.g Steven Smith playing with a plastic bat on a sail boat. - 1 00 (Sail boat, SS - corresponding Person and Action on the PAO/Major system)

Not really. see my example above.

So each time its in the 100s range, you’d have the PA, or PAO on the boat,
and the boat would also be on a location in a memory palace?

I’m trying to figure out the usefulness of this. If you are using a loci, why use another vehicle?

I am with you here! I don’t understand how this is all connecting together unless it is a 2-2-3 system?

I’m using a palace to store the Person and the Action from 0-99, and using the above example, to store 100.
But, It struck me when you asked that question, what if I had a sailboat as a loci. That would bring back the ugly sister!
How do you tackle the digits that go above 1000?