Eugene, Singapore - Memory palace newbie & Gin Connoisseur

Hey guys,

First off, this is an amazing forum. It is a treasure of knowledge, not so different from the treasure horde that Smaug was guarding!

Anyways, currently based in Singapore after having spent part of my teens and twenties in London. I came across this site after watching the documentary ‘Memory Games’ on Netflix. The documentary blew me away in terms of what competitors such as Yanjaa and Johannes could do!

At the moment, I am developing my own PAO system. Thanks to @Mayarra for being kind enough to post her PAO system as it has helped to structure my PAO.I work in a real estate fund on the investment side, my day job involves being intimately familiar with numbers from various projects, hence im hoping the memory palace will help!



Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome Josh!