Error on IAM Statistics: Alex Mullen should be first place in the world rankings based on Millenium Points rather than 200th

Alex Mullen’s IAM profile says that he is 200th in the world but his Millenium Points from the 2017 WMC certainly say otherwise. At the 2017 IAM world championship he scored 8515 Millenium Points yet on the IAM stats it says that the average of his championship points is 2554 when there is only one score on record and that is the 8515. This would make his average 8515 putting him on top of the world ranking beating Andrea Muzii’s average of 7948. Here are a couple screenshots to support this.

Is this an error or am I mistaken?
@SimonReinhard @AndreaMuzii @Sylle @AlexM

Only the scores from the previous 3 years are counted. If you have previously had 3 competitions counting for your overall ranking (ie less than 3 years between the first and third one) then the sum of your best competitions over the past three years will be divided by three, even if you’ve only taken part in one or two competitions over that period of time.

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