Eric from Maple Ridge-CAN

I’m interested in sharpening my memory and using memory palaces. My long-term goal right now is to memorize Mark’s Gospel (16 chapters and 660 verses I believe). I would also like to learn how to memorize a deck of cards and recall them.

My biggest question is do I use one memory palace for an entire book or do I use multiple memory palaces?

I found this site from a link in Bill Powell’s website.

Glad to be here!

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I don’t think a memory palace is necessary the best primary method for such a memory task. I imagine the reasom you want to memorise Mark’s Gospel is because it has great meaning to you. I even go as far as speculating that you have already read (most) of it and can give a summary from memory. This will make it the task much more likely to succeed.

jigsaw puzzle method

When you are solving a jigsaw puzzle, it is often useful to start with the edge pices, and whatever pieces are easiest. That way you create a framework, that will help with putting the other pieces in it’s proper place.

this method applied to your memory task may be something like:

  • memorise the best summary you can find or make;
  • memorise the first and last sentence of each chapter/paragraph;
  • memorise sentences, that for whatever reason are important or easy to remember;
  • always continue with whatever progression is the easiest.

Of course you always combine this with using a memory palace.

If you succeed in doing this, you will have done something very special.

Best of luck.